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What issues your binge drinking habit can cause during your academic years

What issues your binge drinking habit can cause during your academic years

College years are indeed the beautiful years of any student’s life. They meet new people and it helps them in develop in numerous ways. They can have fun and enjoy life as they want. Apart from all these fun and happy years of life, there are certain things you should be careful about. There are some potential issues that are likely to develop during this time. One such condition is excessive consumption of alcohol. We can always say the habit of binge drinking. There can be numerous problematic scenarios related to excessive drinking habit that can be hard to deal with. You can also face health issues. 

Students often face mental and psychological issues due to the numerous assignments they need to solve during the academic years. However, assignment help online is a boon to students in such condition. But there’s nothing that can be helpful to you when you binge drink. You need to take control and care of your physical and mental health in such a condition.  

Let us read about the effect of binge drinking on college students.  


If you are taking 4 to 5 drinks every 2 hours, you are already a binge drinker. The consequences can be dangerous as death. As per a national survey, 50% of students are into alcohol. The consumption of alcohol, in general, is dangerous for the body. It causes social and health-related issues. Death is the ultimate result of the binge drinking habit. There can be reasons behind it. It can be due to your bad health or a car crash. As per reports, every year, around 1500 students die due to injuries related to alcohol. 


Excess consumption of alcohol does not only result in death but other things too. Students often fall sexual and physical violence after drinking. Some students become very violent once they are drunk and not able to defend themselves properly, others fall in danger of their violence and sexual assaults. Surveys say that annually more than 5,00,000 students are assaulted by drunk students in which some become the victim of date rape and sexual assault.  


The inability to stop the drinking habit is something very dangerous. It can turn your life upside down. It can result in your financial losses, it can give you long-term physical health issues, mental health disorders, issues with friends and family, and many other destructive things. You have a lot to lose once you are addicted to alcohol. So, you should try not to consume it. 

Academic problems 

Keeping other issues aside, binge drinking can affect your studies as well. Drinking can lead you to lag behind in class and you can also lose your focus on subjects. It can put a bad impact on your schedules as well. The best solution to this condition is to put control over the consumption of alcohol. However, if the reason behind your irregular schedule and stress is unwanted assignments then you can contact assignment help USA for great help. 

Saying no to alcohol

The best way to prevent all the mishappening is to say no to the consumption of alcohol. There are steps that you can follow to avoid alcohol. You can talk to your friends and family about the same. You can also put limitations on the consumption of alcohol for yourself. If you think the case is something that you cannot handle, then you can seek help from professionals. Moreover, you can also join alcohol treatment centres to overcome the habit of binge drinking.